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Our Vision

Heart Crafted Films offers a unique approach to wedding films - we strive to capture the moments and emotion of your special day with beautiful, handcrafted films that honor your love story and embrace the true spirit of your wedding day. Our films are crafted to provide a timeless experience and to allow you to forever cherish your wedding memories.



Wedding in Amalfi Coast

Villa Eva

Miranda & Gordon

Graydon Hall Manor

Kristen & Kell

Omni King Edward

Marisa & Niall

Four Seasons

Toronto Wedding Videographer

About Me

My name is Mike and I am the owner and filmmaker for the Heart Crafted Films.


I look at the world through the lens, trying to express everything I feel through moving images, capturing the moments that make a story unique and lasting over time. 

To me, the most important aspect of a good wedding film is the love shared between two

people. This is achieved through the storyline, the visuals, and the ability to touch the viewer's heart. 


My goal is to create a wedding film full of emotions and memories that you're going to want to relive for years to come.


To share a little bit more about myself...   

My journey as a wedding filmmaker started back in 2017 when my friends approached me to film their wedding, and after that day I realized this is what I want to do and never looked back.

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